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Three quarters of Brits snore

One in four British adults snore and one in three do it so loudly their partner can't sleep, a survey shows.

Travelodge have identified 28.5 million British adults guilty of nighttime snoring, with people living in Coventry being the worst.

Other top UK snoring hotspots include Sheffield, Glasgow, Plymouth and Leeds.

Twenty percent of adults said that their snoring had a negative affect on their relationship and 21% said snoring made them feel less desirable in the bedroom.

Travelodge Director of Sleep Wayne Munnelly said: "Snoring is nothing to joke about; it can lead to sleep deprivation for snorers and their partner, with profound impacts on both individuals' lifestyles.  

"Symptoms include daytime sleepiness, lack of energy, poor motivation, high stress levels and a low libido."

Chris Idzikowski, sleep expert at the Edinburgh Sleep Center, comments: "Modern lifestyles can be blamed for this increase in snoring, with boozing and unhealthy eating to blame.

"Although snoring is often made fun of, it's a real problem that can have important effects on our wellbeing and lifestyle. But there are a number of things people can do to prevent or reduce snoring."