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Tobacco ad ban could cut cannabis use

Advertising of all tobacco-related products should be banned to help cut cannabis use, say mental health charity rethink.

The ban on tobacco advertising in 2003 is thought to have played a large role in the cut in smoking rates in Great Britain.

Rethink believe that a ban on all tobacco products would have a similar impact on cannabis smoking rates, and lower the number of people who develop mental health problems as a result.

Jane Harris, Rethink's head of campaigns, said: "More restrictive advertising guidelines would help to protect young people who are most at risk of developing mental health illness as a result of cannabis use.

"It is time the government recognised the influence of advertising and made a decision on health grounds to widen the current tobacco advertising restrictions as part of a package of measures to tackle the cannabis use." - Ian Malley,


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"Since the ban on tobacco advertising came into being, which coincided with the reclassification of cannabis from B to C, the numbers of people using cannabis have shown a small decline.

During the same period however, heroin and cocaine use has taken a catastrophic jump, and alcohol is killing over 9000 adults per year, and hospitalising almost the same amount of young people between the ages of 10 and 18 years of age, which begs the question, are we in fact concentrating on the right social issue here?

Under a drug strategy based around prohibition, the numbers are not going to drop by any substantial amount. We know this, as the last 80 or so years of prohibition have proven. Numbers of drug users continue to climb.

So surely its time to look at other means of reducing harms, not centred on arrest and incarceration as a means of reducing drug user figures?

The UK government needs to take responsibility for drugs policy by regulating the supply at the highest level.

Remove the drug trade from the vice like grip of the criminal underworld. Increase the quality control aspect and do away with drug users ingesting contaminants and adulterants that are added to boost profits, and harm reduction will follow.

Unfortunately neither the Labour government, nor the Conservative opposition are prepared to undertake these actions and with this in mind I will make a prophecy; this time next year, drug user figures and drug deaths, will be at a higher figure, than they are today in 2008" - Name and address supplied

"Banning tobacco advertising is not going to have the desired effect, it's a sticking plaster solution to a problem which will take centuries to solve." - Name and address supplied