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Tories propose alcopop tax increase

The Conservative Party has unveiled plans to introduce big tax rises on alcopops and strong beers, which have been blamed for fuelling binge drinking.

They want to reduce the consumption of such drinks by 50%, and pledged that the proposals would not reap rich rewards for the Treasury because duty on lower-strength drinks would be slashed to boost sales.

Shadow chancellor George Osborne said: "All the conversations I have had over the last year with police officers, supermarkets and those whose lives are made miserable by the behaviour of binge drinkers have convinced me that we need to take targeted action against the super-strength drinks and alcopops favoured by young drinkers.

"This package does not hit the vast majority of law-abiding, responsible drinkers.

"Instead, we are making it much more expensive to buy super-strength lagers, ciders and alcopops, and using the extra revenue to cut taxes on low alcohol drinks."

Under the plans, the cost of a bottle of alcopop such as a Bacardi Breezer, could increase by 50p, while a can of Carlsberg Special Brew or Tennents Super would rise by 32p.

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