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Total alcohol ban for drivers urged

Nurses have called for new laws making it illegal to drink alcohol before driving, to prevent the "horrifying" injuries they deal with.

The issue has been referred to the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) council after those attending an RCN conference backed the proposal for a total ban on alcohol to cut road deaths.

Drinkers turn cars into "killing machines", one nurse at the conference claimed.

Andrew Frazer, an emergency care nurse, backed the motion, saying: "You would not drink two pints of beer before going to work so why would you do it before getting behind three-quarters of a tonne of steel, capable of going 100 miles per hour?"

Every year, around 3,000 people are seriously injured in drink-drive accidents in the UK and around 400 are killed.

Rod Thomson, Vice Chairman of the RCN and a public health specialist, said after the debate there needed to be a "degree of tolerance" in the drink drive limit to take account of potential "false positive" results.

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