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Travel: Bird flu in Hong Kong

More than 20,000 chickens have been slaughtered in Hong Kong after they were found to be infected with the H7N9 bird flu virus. 

The infected poultry had been brought from mainland China. The government of Hong Kong has halted any further import of live chickens. 

Cases of human H7N9 infection have been reported in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

The virus emerged in early 2013. There have been more than 200 cases so far, with more than 50 deaths. 

Most of those infected reported contact with live poultry. So far human-to-human transmission has not been proven. 

A World health Organization statement said: “The virus has not acquired the ability to transmit easily among humans. 

“However, given the detection of several less severe cases through ILI surveillance along with the continued reporting of severe cases, continued vigilance is warranted.”