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TV advert targets cannabis users

The link between cannabis use and mental health problems has been highlighted in a new advertising campaign.

The negative effects of the drug – including paranoia, memory loss and panic attacks – become unwanted guests at a party in a user's brain in the television advert. After smoking a joint, the user feels talkative, giggly and has a craving for food before the negative effects of the drug take over.

Aimed at 11–18 year olds, the £2.2m campaign follows the reclassification of cannabis to Class B last month.

The "Talk to Frank" campaign urges youngsters to call an information line or visit the official website.

Frank spokesperson, Chris Hudson, said: "Cannabis is the most commonly used illegal drug in Britain and 'binge smoking' to achieve maximum effect may be putting people's mental health in serious danger.

"You never truly know what you're getting and stronger cannabis, such as skunk, can increase the chance of suffering a nasty reaction."

He highlighted evidence of a link between cannabis and mental health problems like schizophrenia, especially among those who smoke from a young age.

Marjorie Wallace, Chief Executive of mental health charity, SANE, also welcomed the campaign.

Talk to Frank - cannabis