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Two thirds "not eating five-a-day"

Two thirds of people across the UK are putting their health at risk by not eating enough fruit and vegetables, a study shows.

The Cancer Research UK poll of more than 4,000 people revealed just 34% are eating the recommended daily amount of five portions a day.

And people in the Midlands, North, Scotland and Northern Ireland are failing to keep up with their healthy eating, compared with residents in the South, East Anglia and Wales

Almost half (46%) of people in the South West reach the target, compared with 27% in some parts of the North and the Midlands.

But the problem is even worse in Northern Ireland, where just 17% are getting their five-a-day.

Studies have shown that around a quarter of all cancer deaths could be caused by unhealthy diets and obesity.

Poor diet is linked to many cancers, including stomach, bowel and mouth.

A healthy diet reduces the chances of suffering from cancer, as well as protecting against heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and obesity.

Sara Hiom, Cancer Research UK's director of health information, said: "This lack of fruit and vegetables in the majority of diets across the UK is worrying.

"We know that the food we eat has a big influence on our health. We should all be eating more fruit and veg."

Cancer Research UK

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