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UK charity tackles health risk for children

Research from the National Osteoporosis Society has revealed that almost half (49%) of young people do not know that there are steps they can take to keep their bones healthy.

This knowledge gap puts them at risk of osteoporosis and fractures in later life.  

In response to this research, the charity has developed an exciting online project that will educate UK children about bone health and provide inspiring resources for school teachers and parents. gives vital health messages to young people while their bone strength is still being built.

Through knowledge enhancing, creativity developing activity, the new website will help to prevent children risking their future health.

Lesley Millard, Education Officer for the National Osteoporosis Society, has over 30 years experience working with children. Her experience as a Head Teacher has provided inspiration for the resources.

"Our YouGov research highlighted massive shortfalls in knowledge around bone health in young people,” she said.

"Children don’t realise the damage that unhealthy lifestyles can have on their bones in later life. The majority were unaware that exercise can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis and one in three did not know about the positive role diet can play.

" is launching at a time when electronic and interactive resources could not be more valuable to the curriculum. We want to make sure children take care of their bones for the future so we’ve involved young people and teachers throughout the development of to help us achieve this.”

The website is tailored to the requirements of the national curriculum for 7-10 year olds and is particularly relevant for information technology and health and fitness. It teaches children about the importance of building healthy bones from a young age, to protect this living tissue.

Simon Brown, a teacher at Christchurch Primary School in Wiltshire, welcomes the new website:  "It is great to find a resource that both educates and entertains. The children love the fun characters and games that help them learn all about their bones. I’m keen to incorporate Bones4life into my lesson plans.”