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UK contraceptive advice poor

Nurses are still not offering comprehensive advice on contraception to women in the UK, a new survey by "Talk Choice" shows.

A study of some 1,000 childless career women found that only one third felt their nurse had given them sound advice on contraception.

Less than one quarter of women felt they had been offered a choice of contraceptive methods, despite recent NICE guidelines recommending women be informed of all methods of contraception, including long acting reversible contraceptives.

Another two in five women also admitted to having unprotected sex in the last five years, even though they were not trying to get pregnant.

In response to this survey Talk Choice have launched a new online one-stop-shop for contraceptive information and advice.

Anne Szarewski, associate specialist in family planning, said: "Healthcare professionals have a vital role to play in administering the right type of contraception to each individual."

Talk Choice

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"As contraceptives are accessed over the counter - this will only get worse. This only reflects the cuts in services that have been occurring consistently over time" - Name and address supplied

"It starts in schools and when school nurses are expected to deliver sexual health talks to pupils in 50minutes (mixed gender) it's extremely difficult. When the pupils are older thetime doesn't increase, but the risks they take does. I work withyoung people and we take the time to explain all methods, but sometimes they have been given negative messages by older relatives. Most nusrses working in sexual health would be more than delighted to see women( and men) using LARC methods, but the responsibility works both ways" - Name and address supplied

"Yes I think more time should be put into contraception choices discussion. The unfortunate thing is NOT having the time to spend going over each methods pros and cons. We have a leaflet stating all methods of contraception choices with short statements about each. I have found this particularly helpful during consultations, it acts as a reminder when patients go home" - Name and address supplied