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UK nurses jumping ship

The number of UK nurses seeking employment in Australia has rocketed by 75% since 2005, figures show.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) data suggest that 10,000 nurses intended to leave the UK last year to seek employment overseas.

Some 4,764 of these intended to leave for Australia and 1,613 for the USA. Another 1,336 planned to head to New Zealand while 999 aimed for Canada.

Nearly 35,000 UK nurses have emigrated abroad in the past four years.

But the NMC adds: "While these statistics may provide an indication of the numbers of nurses and midwives intending to practice outside the UK, it should be noted that it does not necessarily follow that all of those who applied to work outside the UK actually did so."

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"Yes I would. Different way of life, warmer climate" - Paula Jones, Liverpool

"Yes. There are better guarantees of a job for example in New Zealand and working conditions in many hospitals are much better. I think the fact that so many nurses are "jumping ship" is a reminder to the government and NHS to use and value our nurses or lose them" - Sally Osborne, Bristol