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UK ranked best palliative care in the world

The UK's end-of-life care is ranked first out of 80 countries around the world, in the 2015 Quality of Death Index.

The quality of care and affordability of care in the UK was ranked first out of 80 countrues - including Australia, France and America - and was given a score of 100 out of 100.

Community engagement was ranked third with 92.5 points, after Belgium and New Zealand and in joint third place with France.

Human resources and the palliative and healthcare environment in Britain also both scored highly with a ranking of 88.2 and 88.5 respectively.

The report read that the UK's ranking "is due to comprehensive national policies, the extensive integration of palliative care into the National Health Service, a strong hospice movement, and deep community engagement on the issue.

The UK also came top in the first Quality of Death Index, produced in 2010.

The 2015 Quality of Death Index, a measure of the quality of palliative care in 80 countries around the world was released yesterday by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).