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Understanding your body's defences: the role of probiotics

Continuing professional development nurse resource - coming soon

With government awareness campaigns, such as the 5-a-day and the public smoking ban, the UK general public is becoming increasingly aware of how its diet and lifestyle habits can impact on long-term health and quality of life. 

As a result, surgery-based healthcare professionals such as practice nurses are being increasingly required to offer dietary and lifestyle advice to their patients, whether to help address a particular health concern or for general health maintenance.

Defined by the World Health Organization as, "live bacteria that when eaten in sufficient quantities, have a beneficial effect on our health",(1) probiotics are growing in popularity in the UK.  Evidence also shows that many patients are turning to healthcare professionals in order to find out more about the benefits of ingesting these "friendly bacteria" and whether they should be taking them on a daily basis. 

Educational resource for nurses
In order to support nurses in this "probiotic advisory role", Danone, maker of leading probiotic drinking yogurt, Actimel, is launching an accredited continuing professional development module for nurses focusing on probiotics and the potential benefits for patients.  

This valuable resource will provide you with educational information about probiotics, as well as practical advice for your patients. Furthermore, correct completion of the module's supporting questionnaire will provide you with credits towards your continuing education requirements.

Nursing in Practice Conference, London
Watch out for further details at this year's Nursing in Practice Conference at London's Business Design Centre on 25 and 26 September.  You can also join an educational session at the conference at 11am on 26 September, led by Professor Glenn Gibson, Food Microbial Sciences, University of Reading, called Understanding your Body's Defences - the Role of Probiotics.


You can order your complimentary copy of the training resource on the CD-rom by sending an email with your name, title, surgery address and telephone number to the following address:

1. WHO, 2002.


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