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Union condems baby TV reality shows

The health visitor's union Unite/CPHVA are calling for an independent regulatory body to clamp down on television baby reality shows.

The CPHVA say that a body is needed to "monitor the ethics of television reality shows that use vulnerable families and infants to boost ratings in a cut-throat media world."

Ofcom, the broadcasting regulator has rejected all 752 complaints about the recent Channel Four programme, Bringing Up Baby, featuring Claire Verity.

Writing in the CPHVA magazine, editorialists said: "Something must be done goes the cry; only to be met with a quiet chorus of handwringing from regulators and those with influence in this field.

"Unlike Edward VIII, the regulatory authorities should not be allowed to abdicate their responsibilities."

The Union have approached the Children's Commissioner for England but with no success.

Unite/CPHVA now plan to approach the Children Commissioners in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to take on the case.