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Updated routine immunisation schedule announced, including MenB

The government has today announced the latest full immunisation schedule, including the new Meningococcal group B disease (MenB) vaccine.

From September 1, the vaccine will be offered at GP appointments alongside other routine vaccines and parents will be contacted in the usual way.

It will be added to the childhood immunisation programme for England, Scotland and Wales.

However, Northern Ireland - while committed to introducing the vaccine - has not yet agreed a start date. 

The vaccine will be offered to babies aged two months, with a second dose at four months and a booster at 12 months. It will be given in the left thigh.

There will be a limited catch-up programme for babies who are due their three and four month vaccinations in September so they are also protected when they are most at risk of MenB infection.

See the full immunisation schedule here.