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Updated sex education for schools

Schools in Wales are to receive more guidance on sex and relationship education as part of updated proposals for improving sexual health services.

It is the aim of the Assembly Government to set up a national sexual health advisory board as part of a five-year strategy to "create a culture that supports open and responsible discussion of sexual health".

The guidance for schools will tackle the number of unintended teenage pregnancies and reduce the rate of sexually transmitted diseases.

College and university students will also be covered under new proposals about educating on the dangers of binge drinking and unprotected sex.

Health minister Edwina Hart said: "A key component of this new document is the importance of educating people of the need for a greater awareness of good sexual health and the dangers associated with unprotected sex.

"This will complement the work already under way in schools to help young people understand the physical and emotional aspects of sexual relations and be aware of the personal and sexual health services available to them."

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