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A very modern Ms

No one can accuse me of being a technophobe - I have an iPod! Yes, I have surprised myself and impressed my children - who now think Im almost a "cool dude". I mastered the miracle machine that I control by touch, that's no bigger than a credit card and almost as thin. I have downloaded music from the internet and transferred my best loved CDs through my computer. Not only do I have company (well, white earphones) to entertain me, music to share from speakers and games to play, but I can also classify my recorded library by artists, songs, albums and genre. Oh yes, Im a very modern Ms! Wicked - as my kids would say.

Recently, I was pushed further into the wonders of the 21st century by being asked to do a blog for NiP as part of our new online service.   

What is a blog? Well, it's short for weblog, a kind of online diary. It's where a commentator puts a piece on line for all to read. It can be news, a personal opinion or comment, a moan, a political statement, a call for other's perspectives to an issue, or just a fun piece. The most important point is that it communicates to others and draws contributions from readers. It attracts people to the website and they may linger, search it further and come back another time. The characteristic of those that log on can be mapped - what interests them? What do they seek information on? What opinions do they have? The NiP team use the information to guide and support the journal and the conferences - and sponsors of the site will be delighted to reach a widening audience.

NIP will provide the first nursing blog that I know of - someone tell me if I'm wrong! It will go out weekly and all the NIP Advisory Board will be contributing. The blog will be the thoughts of the particular Board member that week - and the subjects are likely to be as individual as we are!. They will be clinical and nursing related - and we hope readers will respond.

Maybe we'd better learn the language. Thanks to Radio 4 for the following:

"Like all new technologies blogs have spawned their own jargon: 

  • Posting: a piece of text added to the blog. 
  • Thread: a topic and all the comments beneath it.
  • Troll: someone who deliberately posts something intended to inflame or get a violent reaction from readers.
  • 'Don't feed the trolls': in order to discourage a troll, do not react, most will go away if after 24 hours or so they have not stirred up trouble."                                 

Here's another definition of a blog:  

"A person with nothing to say writing for people with nothing to do."

I predict that will not be the case for the NIP blog! Check it out soon.

(Wow, Ive just done my first blog. WICKED!)