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Vitamin C campaigners support supplements

The Alliance for Natural Health has criticised the latest research proposing vitamin C supplementation does not protect against the common cold.

The Alliance say the damming Cochrane Collaboration review is little more than another cynical attempt to attack high dose vitamin C supplementation.

Executive Director of Alliance for Natural Health Dr Robert Verkerk says: "These headlines have been triggered by a small update to an existing review that does not reflect any significant new research findings."

The alliance argue that the Cochrane review has a number of fundamental flaws.

They say it looked at a poor range of vitamin C doses, participants did not take the supplement often enough and incompatible trials were pooled together.

Alliance for Natural Health Medical Director Dr Damien Downing believes there is still hope for the vitamin C pill.

"Fortunately, large numbers of doctors, practitioners and even consumers know just how effective multiple, daily doses of vitamin C can be for preventing, or reducing the severity of, the common cold and other infections.

"So many people in today's society are under stress, and frequent 500 mg to 1000 mg doses of vitamin C are one of the most cost effective was of supporting the body's immune system."

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Alliance for Natural Health

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"My guess is the study was conducted in a manner equivalent to the US FDA [Food and Drug Administration]. In which it is better to prescribe toxic medicines than vtamin supplements. Follow the money trail' - Name and address supplied

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