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Vitamin D tablets have 'no effect' on hypertension

Vitamin D supplements have no effect on high blood pressure in older people, researchers have discovered. 

Previous research had suggested that vitamin D could have a positive effect on controlling hypertension. 

But the study from the University of Dundee suggests that the vitamin has no effect on isolated systolic hypertension in patients aged over 70. 

Published in JAMA Internal Medicine, the study included 159 participants in a randomised trial which lasted a year. 

Dr Miles Witham, lead author said the results were “disappointing”.

He said: “Unfortunately what we see is that vitamin D does not improve high blood pressure. Given that it is a readily available and safe treatment, it would have been a boost if we had found a beneficial effect.” 

Other trials are being carried out to determine whether vitamin D could help other conditions suck as heart disease or stroke. 

An overview of the study is available on the JAMA website