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Walking relieves menopausal anxiety

A brisk walking regimen could help relieve women's psychological symptoms of the menopause, research shows.

Scientists say walking can help reduce anxiety, stress and depression among menopausal women.

“With the aging population, physical activity represents one way for women to stay mentally healthy,” says study author Deborah Nelson.

“Physical activity can help throughout the menopausal transition and afterwards.”

A study of 380 women aged an average 42 years found that high levels of physical activity were most beneficial for women of African-American origin.

But while physical activity helped relieve psychological symptoms, it did not reduce physical symptoms such as hot flashes.

“You don't have to run 20 miles a week to reap the benefits of exercise,” says Nelson.

“If you stick to a moderate-paced walking schedule, it can keep your body mass index down and lower the risk of stress, anxiety and depression.”

Temple University