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Waltham Forest health visitors "most stressed"

Health visitors in Waltham forest area are the most stressed group of all the primary care trust workforce, NHS official figures show.  

Earlier this month, Unite exposed that the health of families in Waltham was adversely hit by a 40% cut in the health visiting workforce.

Now a NHS national survey shows that 60% of health visitors working for Waltham Forest PCT suffered work-related stress in the past year, followed by practice managers at 54%.

Nearly all health visitors were working extra hours on top of their contracted time, and a third of health visitors in the area had experienced harassment, bullying and abuse from other PCT staff in the last year.

Unite Head of Health Kevin Coyne said: "These figures from such a respected source further reinforce our case that the savage cuts to the health visiting workforce during the last eight years has taken its toll on not just the health of Waltham Forest families, but the health visitors themselves."

Unite has this week written to the primary care trust calling for urgent talks to restore the number of health visitors working in the area.