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A warm welcome for new NHS staff

NHS welcome packs will be offered to thousands of new nurses and midwifes from today (Monday 16 April). The packs are building on the success of the "Welcome to the medical team" pack that has been well received by new junior doctors in the past few years.
Head of NHS Careers, Foluke Ajayi, said: "Starting your first job in the NHS can be a really exciting time, but it can also be quite bewildering and overwhelming. Recent years have also seen some major changes to the NHS that affect all staff groups including those joining the NHS for the first time.
"NHS Employers decided to develop the junior doctor's welcome pack and produce one for each of the major staff groups to help them through their first few days and months in the NHS. They have all the latest information about what new staff can expect from the NHS, and where to go for advice and support about many of the experiences that they will go through as they familiarise themselves with the organisation."
Each pack includes an introduction and welcome to the NHS and gives information on its structure, as well as guidance on training and benefits. Each pack also includes case studies from current NHS staff within each career group to give users an real life insight into what to expect from their new role, who they'll be working with, and into the working environments in which they may be based.
There are eight packs covering the broad staff groups (allied health professions, healthcare scientists, clinical support workers, ambulance, wider healthcare team, health informatics, managers, and nursing & midwifery).
"Welcome to the team nurses and midwives" is being sent to all induction leads and HR directors in trusts.  Further copies can be ordered, free of charge, from the NHS Employers website. The pack is intended to supplement local inductions run by NHS trusts.