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Warning over cosmetic treatments

People who undergo some cosmetic treatments are putting their health at risk by going out in the sun too soon, a consumer group claims.

The magazine Which? said 39% of consumers believe cost is the most important factor when deciding whether to try laser hair removal.

But only 14% consider the risks involved in the procedure, the survey found.

And this is despite the fact there are more than 3,000 unlicensed and unregulated outlets in the UK currently offering the treatment, Which? said.

Laser hair removal can cause scarring or blisters to skin which is exposed to the sun soon afterwards - a fact many people heading off on holiday may not be aware of.

Which? health campaigner Frances Blunden said: "If you are having laser hair removal treatment make sure that the clinic is licensed and the practitioner properly qualified.

"Otherwise, you could be putting yourself in the hands of untrained staff who don't explain all the possible risks."

British Association of Dermatologists spokeswoman Nina Goad added: "A qualified dermatologist carrying out laser hair removal will advise you to minimise sun exposure before and during the treatment course, and for at least a month afterwards.

"You should use a sunscreen that offers adequate UVB protection, such as SPF 30, as well as high UVA protection, sometimes indicated by four or five stars on the label."


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