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Warning over liver disease rise

A study of mortality statistics across the nation has found a year-on-year increase in deaths from liver disease.

In the period between 2005 and 2008 deaths from liver disease increased by 12%, when compared to other diseases - including diabetes, cancer, respiratory problems, heart problems and strokes, according to the review by the British Liver Trust.

Calling for a move to curb the rise, the charity revealed that as many as 16,087 people lost their lives from liver disease last year - a 4.5% rise since 2007.

All liver diseases - including alcoholic liver disease, fatty liver disease and viral hepatitis - were on the rise. And if the latest trend continues, deaths caused by it could double in the next two decades, the trust warned.

Alison Rogers, Chief Executive of the British Liver Trust, said: "Once again we are seeing the tide of liver disease rising further and putting a huge strain on the NHS.

"The sad fact is that 95% of all liver disease is entirely preventable. There is certainly not a one-hit wonder approach to liver disease as it is a demographically diverse killer."

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