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Warning over loud music danger

Music festivals may leave more than just lasting memories, according to new research which reveals that more than half of festival-goers believe their ears have been damaged by loud music.

The poll, for the RNID's Don't Lose The Music campaign, showed that four out of five had also experienced warning signs that their hearing may have been put at risk. Those affected said loud music had left them with dullness of hearing or ringing in the ears.

Although 50% of more than 2,700 music fans questioned had experienced pain in their ears while listening to loud music, only 17% had ever taken steps to protect their hearing.

Emma Harrison, from the RNID campaign, said: "These results issue a stark warning about the UK's future hearing health.

"Volume levels at festivals can reach levels over 110 decibels - that's the same as a jet plane taking off. Repeated listening at this volume will cause premature hearing loss."

She added: "Employees who work at music venues are protected by legislation but people who visit the same places are not.

"In areas of public health such as smoking and alcohol we are provided with information that allows us to make an informed choice. This is not the case with over exposure to loud music."

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