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Warning over swine flu recurrence

The UK should still be prepared for a second wave of swine flu and should not step down its response just yet, an expert has argued.

Professor Robert Dingwall from the Institute for Science and Society at the University of Nottingham has said that the UK is "not out of the woods yet".

The H1N1 strain of swine flu affected many people last year, and although the virus was less severe than many experts predicted, some have argued that people still remain "vulnerable".

Professor Dingwall said that some people appeared to be already immune to the virus, so the pandemic was less prevalent last year than had been expected.

But the experts, who were speaking at a press conference in central London, said the UK had responded proportionately to the virus and warned against scaling down the response. Professor Dingwall said governments were "damned if they act and damned if they don't".

He said it was best to act cautiously. "That does not mean that it's going to go on to be a major outbreak but it does mean we cannot relax our vigilance too much."

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"Yes, I agree. Hoping we will have a hot summer, many people will not know the difference or forgotten the signs and symptoms and hygiene during this season; but as mentioned I think prevention is better than cure. It will help to keep down cost and discomfort to all concerned. I personally feel we should include hygiene when  promoting health (eg, not only exercise, diet, cleanliness reasons)" - Violet Weerasinghe, Wokingham