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Watchdog urged over food additives

A watchdog is being urged to improve measures surrounding additives in children's food amid fears they can be a health risk.

Two leading professors have written to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) urging it to be more "proactive" on the issue.

It follows a study by Southampton University that found potential links between a group of seven E numbers and hyperactivity in children.

After that research the FSA told parents of youngsters showing signs of hyperactivity to avoid the seven additives.

But the letter from Professor Erik Millstone, of the University of Sussex, and Professor Tim Lang, of London's City University, is asking the body to "widen" its advice to parents on synthetic food colourings, and also calls for further measures to safeguard health.

They want the guidance to be issued to all children, and not just those showing signs of hyperactivity.

They said: "Our view is that at this week's board meeting, the FSA needs to be in line with the findings of the University of Southampton and other studies that highlight a more proactive approach is necessary.

"For the FSA not to act more firmly and pro the consumer, would be to risk the FSA's reputation quite unnecessarily."


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