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Watchdog wants nursing improvements

An improvement in basic nursing care has been called for by a Leeds health watchdog after a war veteran died from bed sores.

Maureen Idle, spokeswoman for Leeds Hospital Alert, believes that more care needs to be taken of older patients after Kenneth Ballinger, aged 86, died in hospital after developing a bed sore the size of a fist.

"There is no excuse for anyone of any age to have pressure sores, especially now you have got the lifting equipment. This is basic nursing skills and it should not happen on any ward," said Ms Idle.

"I don't think you need specialist training. The fact that these people are less able and less mobile needs that extra care. It is basic nursing care. I think there should be more practical nursing now than theory."

Regional officer for the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Janine Dyson said health authorities had picked on the the issue of pressure sores in the three years since Mr Ballinger died.

Mr Ballinger's family was awarded £20,000 by Leeds Hospitals for failing to prevent the sores.

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