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Watches help child bladder control

Children who struggle to control their bladder during the day could benefit from a watch that reminds them to take toilet breaks, according to research.

Although changing behaviour patterns is an accepted treatment for children with urinary incontinence, many doctors find remembering to take scheduled bathroom breaks can be a challenge.

Danish scientists tested 58 children whose conditions had not improved with standard urotherapy, or bladder training, by giving them a sports watch programmed to go off at regular intervals. This prompted them to use the toilet when their training required it.

Results showed 35 of them, or 60%, showed at least a partial response to therapy after 12 weeks using the gadget, whereas only 18% who continued to use standard urotherapy on its own showed a partial response, and none became continent.

The researchers at Aarhus University Hospital in Skejby, Denmark, classed a partial response as children who reduced their average number of wet days by 50% to 89% per week.

Their findings were published in the Journal of Urology.

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