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Website to recruit new nurses

NHS Careers has today launched a new website to encourage young people to "step into the NHS".

The programme is specifically designed to show 14 to 19-year-olds how their abilities and skills can have a positive impact on the future of the NHS.

It is hoped the scheme will encourage more teenagers to enter into adult, paediatric and community nursing careers.

The website includes an interactive "career mapper" which helps teenagers find the career to suit them.

Teenagers can also watch short films starring real NHS staff and visit detailed pages where young NHS staff report on their real-life experiences.

Head of NHS Careers and Workforce Foluke Ajayi said: "The launch of 'Step into the NHS' marks the first time we have produced a service aimed specifically at engaging young people.

"Step into the NHS is not about filling training places or vacancies now; instead we are focusing on maintaining the quality and quantity of the NHS workforce far into the future."

General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing Dr Peter Carter agreed that the site is a "really important initiative by NHS Careers."

He believes it will "increase access to information for young people interested in entering the nursing profession" and "inspire them to realise their dream of becoming a nurse."

Step into the NHS

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"I think its a great idea to promote nursing as a career, however over half of new nurses are unable to find jobs after graudating. I graduated in 2006 and found it so difficult to find entry level jobs within paediatrics. I have changed careers completely" - Catherine, Reading