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Weight and age top women's fears

Weight and age are what many women worry about above all else - including cancer - according to a poll by publishers Dorling Kindersley.

It found that fewer than 2% of women cited cancer as a top concern, 3% worried about diabetes and just 1% gave much thought to heart disease.

The poll, for a new book entitled Women's Health For Life, found that half of women aged 20 to 50 were most worried about their weight, with ageing a close second.

Stress was third, HIV/AIDs did not figure at all, and fewer than 1% said STDs were their main worry.

When asked where they turn for medical information, half of all women said their GP, increasing to 69% among women in their 50s.

Fewer than one in three women in their 20s would turn to their doctor as the first point of call, preferring to use the internet first (39%).

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