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Weight link to feeling "in control"

Around 46% of British women and 30% of men think their weight is "out of control", according to a new study.

And the poll, which was commissioned by LighterLife, seems to suggest the fatter people are, the less control they feel they have over other aspects of their life.

The study of 995 adults found that 55% of the very obese said their finances were also spiralling out of control, while 38% of adults said they would break their commitment to a diet if their partner suggested having a takeaway meal.

As body weight increased, the percentage feeling "out of control" also increased, from 14% of those of normal weight, to 42% among the overweight, 73% of obese people and 87% of the very obese.

Around 25% of people with a healthy weight admitted feeling they were not in control of their money, but this rose to 55% among the very obese.

LighterLife's founder Bar Hewlett said: "It's alarming just how many people feel out of control of their weight and how this hopelessness affects other parts of their lives.

"It doesn't matter how rich or poor you actually are in determining how in control you feel about your money, but there is a correlation with your weight."


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