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Welsh minister supports pay settlement for nurses

The Minister of Health and Social Services in Wales has said she will press the UK government to implement a full 2.5% pay award for all nurses.

Director of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), Tina Donnelly, appreciated the news saying, "we welcome the support shown to the nursing family by the Welsh Assembly government.

"It echoes the support shown by the other political parties in their election manifestos."

Welsh health minister, Ediwna Hart, has agreed to review the recommendations made by the Independent Pay Review body in Wales.

Nurses in Wales expect to receive the same treatment as their Scottish colleagues who will be given a full pay award backdated to 1 April 2007.

Currently Welsh nurses recieve a phased pay award with a 1.5% increase in April 2007 and a further 1% rise in November of the same year.

However, the RCN has said this amount is "an insult to nurses" and is campaigning for a 2.5% single pay award.  

Tina Donnelly says the health minister's actions "demonstrate the commitment of the new minister in valuing professionals and their commitment to delivering a first class health service to the people in Wales. 

"We know that this pay award is affordable."

Peter Carter, General Secretary of the RCN said: "The prospect of industrial action has not gone away and will not until all nurses in the UK receive a just settlement to their pay claim."

The Royal College of Nursing

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"As we have had no rise for this year at present it will probably be paid in full by November if we are lucky" - Name and address supplied

"Why does the government always blame public sector workers for their own blunders. Nurses should get at least a 10% rise yearly. We should not accept less and our unions should represent us properly" -  Name and address supplied

"I think nurses should get more than 2.5% pay rise. I am just retired so it does not make much difference to me. Nurses definately should not strike ever, under any circumstances" - Name and address supplied

"No the pay rise does not reflect the cost of living, striking is not a choice most nurses would make so the goverment does whatever it likes. Nursing is still staffed with mostly females, so the question then is are we discriminated against, back injuries are common in nurses but very little is said in the press, but male jobs which carry risk of injuries are regulaly mentioned ie white finger, hearing etc" - Name and address supplied

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