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What's in store for you in 2009?

Have you a plan for the coming year or are you going to let fate take it course? Sue Spencer reveals her thoughts about starting afresh and making more time for herself ...

I rarely make any New Year's resolutions as I have neither the energy nor inclination to do so in the dark months of late December and early January.

This year is a bit different, although I'm not making any public promises – just ones to myself. We went over to Spain for Christmas and the mixture of warm sunshine and reduced commercialism in the shops has done me a lot of good and has given me time and space to look at life and think about what I want to do in the next two years leading up to my half century.

I have lost the ambitious drive that used to propel me headlong into projects. These days I think through the impact on my family and consider the how much energy I will need to apply to the project and whether I have the reserves to keep me going.
Also, with the gloomy news of the credit crunch I am aware I need to take note of how anxious I am feeling and recognise that a sense of wellbeing is often one you lose any knowledge of in a fast moving and materialistic world.

With the rush of Christmas over and the return to work, what am I going to do to make sure I am not derailed? This time last year I was struggling with low mood and anxiety and cried most days during January. As I have stated here before I am lucky to have had a receptive and responsive GP and she has made sure I stay well and "keep taking the tablets". What I have learnt looking back over this time is that I need to attend to making time to do the things that help me feel grounded and creative.

It is still an unfamiliar feeling and I am still getting used to realising that I have started enjoying my job and have an increased confidence in what I am trying to do, most days. I used to spend ages defending my choice of career and telling everyone about how I was still in touch with nursing practice and that just because I worked at a university, it didn't mean I was in an ivory tower and out of touch with everyday issues. I now show that I am OK with what I am doing rather then telling people. It's a lot less exhausting I can tell you!!

So what does wellbeing mean to you? Is wellbeing what you want to preserve for 2009? If it is, what needs to be in place to ensure that it is still there this time in 2010? Will 2009 be about your professional life or is it more personal? Have you told anyone or are you going to write is down and keep it to yourself?

Whatever your strategy, with all the gloom in the news, having a personal goal that relates to wellbeing might just be the tonic you need to make it to spring and work out the priorities in your life.