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Whistleblower nurse wins award

A nurse who was struck off after secretly filming the neglect of elderly patients has won a national nursing award.

Margaret Haywood's footage taken at the Royal Sussex Hospital was used in a BBC Panorama programme. She admitted breaching patient confidentiality and was struck off the nursing register for misconduct in April, but her punishment was later reduced to a one-year caution.

Ms Haywood, who won the Patients' Choice Award at the Nursing Standard Nurse of the Year Awards, told the BBC: "I still believe it was the right thing to do and this award makes it even better. I still say my actions were justified."

The nurse, who is due to start a new job training nurses and carers, insisted she was not angry over how she was treated and said: "Angry is not the right word. I've got to move on now."

Ms Haywood was one of five nurses to be shortlisted for the award and received the most public votes. Judges praised Ms Haywood for making a huge sacrifice on behalf of her patients.

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"A reality check for the NMC. She just needs a full apology from that discredited and vilified organisation" - John Langan, Oldham