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WHO to tackle drug-resistant TB

The World Health Organisation's new tuberculosis (TB) response plan could involve thousands of UK nurses in attempts to prevent, treat and control the disease.

The two-year global TB response initiative aims to provide access to drugs and diagnostic tests, saving 1.2 million lives by 2015.

"Drug resistant TB is a threat to the security and stability of global health. This response plan identifies costs, milestones and priorities for health services that will continue to have an impact beyond its two-year time line," said WHO Director-General Margaret Chan.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) want stronger programmes to battle drug-resistant TB, to expand infection control and surveillance and fund research into new drugs and vaccines.

"We have sounded the alarm on the potential for an untreatable drug-resistant TB epidemic," says Mario Raviglione, Director of the WHO Stop TB department.

"Today we issue our response on behalf of all patients and communities whose lives are most at risk.

"It is an ambitious plan if we are to keep a stranglehold on drug-resistant TB."

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