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Women do not use sun tan lotion when abroad

Cancer charity “concerned” by the number of women prepared to face the sun without protection.

A poll by Macmillan Cancer Support of 1,500 women aged 18 or over shows almost one in four women (22%) choose not to wear sun tan lotion when abroad in a hot country.

Of those women who claim they never wear sun protection, nearly a quarter said it was because “they don't burn”, 14% think sun tan lotion is “too expensive” and 12% claim “it doesn't work'.

Yet, four in five (79%) of the women surveyed had been badly sunburnt in the past and nearly half (45%) believed that after sun lotion corrected at least part of the damage done to their skin after being burnt.

“As people are preparing to go abroad for their annual holiday, it is very concerning that nearly a quarter of British women are putting themselves at risk of skin cancer by not wearing any suntan lotion abroad,” said carol Goodman, a Macmillan Information Nurse specialist.

“Over two and a half thousand people die of skin cancer every year and so it is a real issue.”

Sun Awareness Week takes place between 30 April and 6 May 2012.