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Women hungry for alternative breast cancer care information

Breast Cancer Care have launched a new booklet to feed women's growing appetite for information on alternative breast cancer therapies.

The charity say their helpline receives many calls from women asking about complementary therapies and most callers are unsure of what is available.

Antonia Dean, clinical nurse specialist at Breast Cancer Care, said: "From speaking to people we know just how beneficial therapies such as massage, aromatherapy and yoga can be.

"Not only can they help people manage some of the side effects of conventional treatment, but by using therapies women, and men, with breast cancer can gain a sense of relaxation, control and wellbeing."

However, she adds that it is always important for patients to inform their nurses and doctors of any complementary care that they may be receiving.

Kath Wall, from Darlington, County Durham, used acupuncture to reduce the side effects of her treatment for breast cancer in 2001.

"It was effective at reducing the hot flushes, but it also had emotional benefits, rebuilding my confidence, making me feel more sure of myself and able to face the world again," she said.

"Complementary therapies are not everyone's choice, but they certainly helped me. This new booklet from Breast Cancer Care is a great introduction to the range of options out there, and how they could help with some of the physical and emotional issues someone might be facing."

Breast Cancer Care

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"Having been four years misdiagnosed with breast cancer because of incompetent medical care, I have reached out to almost everything I think might help my psychological and emotional state.  I regularly have acupuncture, reiki, Indian head massage, yoga and EFT (emotional freedom therapy).  I've recently spent a week at a Buddhist Retreat where I enjoyed the benefits of meditation, yoga, aromatherapy and reflexology. For me, they offer support, relaxation, help my wellbeing and make me feel I have some control.  They also make my journey interesting as I've met some amazing people to which I am very grateful” - Jeannie Erskine,  Killin, Perthshire