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Women seek pregnancy answers on web

Women who believe they may be pregnant can now check online using a new service from the NHS, it has been announced.

The "contraception checker" takes women through a series of questions before providing advice about what they can do to get help and where they can find emergency contraception or family planning information.

The service from NHS Direct, which can deal with queries about missed contraceptive pills and its interaction with other medicines, has been used by 34,700 people so far.

Anne Joshua, Associate Director of Pharmacy at NHS Direct, said sexual health was one of the major public health challenges the country faces today, with unplanned pregnancy the most problematic.

She added: "The contraception checker is ideal for anyone in urgent need of information about what to do if they have had unprotected sex but who also wishes to remain anonymous.

"The user is advised about the next steps to take according to the tried and tested protocols NHS Direct has developed to support telephone calls.

"In some cases, users may be advised to seek professional advice about taking the emergency hormonal contraceptive pill."

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"I think a service for obtaining accurate health and health-related information can only be a good thing. The checker as first line for information and advice I welcome. It will certainly make my role somewhat easier as clients having accessed the information before being seen by a professional would have been better prepared for the two-way consultation approach to reaching and making decisions." - V Henry