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Worldwide study into nursing working conditions

The largest ever study into nurses' health and working conditions will aim to improve the lives of nurses across the globe.

The study will take place across the UK, America, Hong Kong, Korea and the Philippines.

It will follow nurses from graduation, through the early years of their careers in order to build a picture of how their health is affected by their working conditions.

Stuart Whitaker, the UK's study lead, said: "The risks in nursing have been well documented. Exposure to heavy physical loads, emotional demands and to physical, chemical, biological and psychosocial risk factors is well known.

"There is an increasing demand for nurses worldwide, and a shortage of trained nurses across the globe, so better protecting these nurses who are currently working in the profession makes good sense."

It is said that the results of the study will help to shape policy makers' thinking about the healthcare sector.

Stuart Whitaker adds: "By paying attention to the standards of health and safety in which nurses are working, better standards of health and safety can be expected for their patients.

"Patient safety issues have risen to the top of the agenda in many highly developed countries because of the high number of adverse patient outcomes that are being observed."

University of Cumbria

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"Yes!" - Charlene Avila

"I would like to have more information" - Anisur Rahman Forazy, Nurse Clinician, Dhaka Nursing College, Bangladesh.