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New support service for bowel cancer patients

Beating Bowel Cancer has launched its interactive online community toprovide local peer-to-peer support to bowel cancer patients and their families.

Its aim is to enable patients to connect, get support in their local area and benefit from other people's experience and information.

Paula Madden, senior nurse advisor at the charity, said: “The online community will enable the charity and anyone with a connection to bowel cancer to share information at a local level, including organising and promoting social and fundraising events and activities. Whether they are in London or the Orkneys, patients and their families will be able to connect to others with similar issues and concerns.”

The charity hopes the community will inspire people to set up their own local support networks that can focus on any particular health issues in their area. 

Steve Clark said: “Going through bowel cancer is not a walk in the park but I was lucky enough to have the support of other patients on the Beating Bowel Cancer forum during my experience of the disease.

“They gave me so many invaluable tips, kept me sane and made me laugh more than I thought possible in the circumstances. I'd urge anyone with any connection to the disease to make use of this great new service and let others know about it,” he said.

See the forum and website here

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