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MHRA urges people to get Covid jab amid ‘unconfirmed’ blood clot reports

MHRA urges people to get Covid jab amid ‘unconfirmed’ blood clot reports

It has ‘not been confirmed’ that any blood clots have been caused by the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine and people should still go and get their jab when called, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has said.

The statement on blood clots in the Covid vaccine comes from the UK regulator as Ireland has become the latest European country to suspend use of the vaccine while investigating reports.

Dr Phil Bryan, MHRA vaccines safety lead, said: ‘We are aware of the action in Ireland.

‘We are closely reviewing reports but given the large number of doses administered, and the frequency at which blood clots can occur naturally, the evidence available does not suggest the vaccine is the cause.

‘People should still go and get their Covid-19 vaccine when asked to do so.’

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