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Learning module: helping people with chronic musculoskeletal disease recover after lockdown

musculoskeletal disease

Module Summary

This module will give an understanding of the impact of locksdowns on people with chronic musculoskeletal diseases during Covid-19. It shows how practice nurses and community healthcare staff can support patients during times of social restrictive measures and how they can help them recover after lockdowns.

Learning Objectives

⦁ Understand better the psychological impacts of Covid-19 lockdowns on people with chronic musculoskeletal diseases

⦁ Know which people are at most risk of poor symptom management due to Covid-19 social restriction measures

⦁ Be able to advise patients on how to adapt self-management strategies during times of social restriction measures.

⦁ Be able to provide advice to people with chronic musculoskeletal diseases on how to adapt their self-management strategies as social restriction measures are eased.


Dr Toby Smith is an associate professor in physiotherapy at the University of East Anglia and is a senior physiotherapist at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust

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