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In review: depression in older people

A man holding an older person's hand.

This module will update you on how not to miss depression in older people.

Module Summary: This module will update you on how not to miss depression in older people.

Key learning points: 

  • 40% of older people with coexisting physical illness will have depression.
  • It is more treatable in this group than younger people, both with medication and talking therapies.
  • Depression often presents with physical symptoms such as dizziness, pain or weakness.
  • Mention of suicide requires urgent intervention.
  • Complaints of recent memory loss are likely to represent depression rather than dementia.         
  • Anhedonia (the patient no longer enjoying the things they used to) is a key feature of depression and should always be taken seriously.

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Dr Peter Bagshaw is a GP and mental health dementia lead at Somerset Clinical Comissioning Group. He is also IAPT and dementia clinical lead at South West Clinical Network.

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