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CPD learning module: Restarting cervical screening clinics after Covid-19

cervical smear

This module gives top tips on how to restart cervical screening services following a pause in examinations due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the module you will: 

  • know how to protect yourself from Covid-19 when carrying out a smear test  
  • know which women are at higher risk of cervical cancer and should have their smear test prioritised  
  • know how to manage the situation where a delayed smear due to Covid-19 means that the woman is now out of the age range for the screening programme  
  • be aware of issues about cervical screening for trans men  
  • be able to reassure a patient who does not want to come for her smear test due to a fear of catching Covid-19 at the surgery. 

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