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NHS issues guidance for primary care nurses treating people fleeing Ukraine war

NHS issues guidance for primary care nurses treating people fleeing Ukraine war
Female receptionist taking application form from her customer at health spa check in counter. They are wearing protective face masks due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Updated guidance on providing healthcare to people coming from Ukraine has been issued to primary care health nurses and other professionals, along with a reminder that proof of ID is not needed to register with a practice.

In a primary care bulletin last week, NHS England said the NHS was starting to see citizens returning from Ukraine as well as refugees. For many, their first port of call with the health service would be through general practice, it said.

New arrivals would need help on how to access the NHS and ‘may struggle to provide proof of ID, address or confirmation of immigration status’, it added.

Registration requests with general practice should be handled sensitively, it continued.

‘None of these documents are required for registration and the inability of any individual to provide them is no reason to refuse registration’, the bulletin added.

Updated guidance from the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities lists the factors to consider when treating patients arriving from Ukraine including:

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