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CPD module: Intrauterine contraception – what practice nurses need to know

CPD module: Intrauterine contraception – what practice nurses need to know

Nurse specialist in sexual health and contraception Jodie Crossman outlines what the main forms of intrauterine contraception are, their appropriate use and best practice in advising patients in this module.

Learning module objectives: Intrauterine contraception – what practice nurses need to know

This module will enable you to:

  • Understand the different types of intrauterine contraception
  • Be aware of the benefits and potential drawbacks of intrauterine contraception
  • Understand how to advise patients about intrauterine contraception
  • Be able to prepare a patient for intrauterine contraception fitting
  • Understand some of the main problems that can occur after intrauterine contraception fitting.

Complete the CPD module here to gain your certificate and log 1.5 CPD hours towards revalidation.


Jodie Crossman is Nurse Team Leader at Brighton and Hove Sexual Health and Contraception Service and is chair of the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV Nurses and Health Adviser group.

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