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CPD module: Migraine – Recognition and common misdiagnosis

CPD module: Migraine – Recognition and common misdiagnosis

Dr Nazeli Manukyan guides you through the recognition of migraines and the potential for misdiagnosis in this CPD module.

Learning module objectives: Migraine – Recognition and common misdiagnosis

This module will enable you to:

  • Review the main primary headache disorders and where migraine fits in
  • Understand the main characteristics and features of migraine 
  • Be able to recognise the common subtypes of migraine 
  • Learn some of the key principles in diagnosis of each subtype
  • Understand the potential for misdiagnosis and how to avoid this.

Complete the CPD module here to gain your certificate and log 1 CPD hour towards revalidation


Dr Nazeli Manukyan, a GP based in Surrey specialising in headache and migraine management. Dr Manukyan also works at the National Migraine Centre

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