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Community nurse given parking fine while visiting patients

A community nurse in Leicestershire has been given a parking fine while out on a home visit to see a patient.

Tolu Akinsowon parked on a single yellow line during a consultation at a patient’s home in Oadby, but returned to find a parking ticket.

She claimed that although she did see the single yellow line, she could not see any signs explaining restricted or free periods of parking.

Ms Akinsowon thought she would only spend around 15 minutes in the patient’s home, but ended up taking 25 minutes to finish the visit.

She appealed the fine to Leicestershire County Council, but her appeal was rejected and the fine upheld.

Speaking to local news outlet the Leicester Mercury, Ms Akinsowon said: ‘I am looking after ill people, I haven’t come here to play or meet friends. I have never got a ticket before in my life.

‘I feel that it is very unkind if you have been going to see a patient to stop them going to hospital. There should be a permit that you can put on your car when you are working to say you are a nurse on duty’.

A spokesperson for Leicestershire County Council said: ‘Our parking officers are trained to observe parking offences and establish whether there is a legitimate reason for issuing a parking penalty.

‘Vehicle owners have the opportunity to appeal against penalties and all cases are fully considered on an individual basis.

‘A written explanation is given when requests for cancellations are not accepted and drivers then have the option of appealing to an independent tribunal.’