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Nurse campaigning group launches PPE survey  

A campaigning group for nurses has launched a safety tool to help identify where there are gaps in personal protective equipment across the UK during the worsening coronavirus outbreak.  

Nurses United is urging health and care staff in the UK to fill in the online survey on Covid-19 testing and PPE availability following the group’s launch last month.  

Health visitor and lead organiser for Nurses United Anthony Johnson told Nursing in Practice that Nurses United was founded to allow ‘frontline nurses to be organised and led by frontline nurses’ and to fight for safe staffing.  

He said: ‘If you want the nursing voice to be able to be out there, you need to offer a radical enough solution to the radical challenges we have in nursing.  

‘We think that nurses need to stand up for their patients and for themselves,’ he added.  

The new organisation has turned its attention to the lack of PPE on the frontline during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

The group is supported by other nurses including vocal nurse campaigner Danielle Tiplady and is funded by the Open Society Foundations.  

Last month, the Royal College of Nursing said the lack of PPE among health and care staff is ‘unacceptable’.