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DermaSilk® therapeutic clothing available on prescription

Part of the DermaSilk® Therapeutic Clothing range has been approved for NHS prescription. The Prescription Pricing Authority has approved the following garments on the Drug Tariff:

  • Bodysuit with folding gloves (sizes from newborn up to four years)
  • Infant leggings (sizes from newborn up to four years)
  • Pyjamas (sizes from three years up to 12 years)
  • Facial mask (sizes for infants and children up to age 10)
  • Gloves (for children aged four upwards and adults)
  • Tubular sleeves (one size fits both children and adults)

DermaSilk offers prescribers a new approach to the management of atopic eczema and contact dermatitis. It has been shown to be clinically superior to cotton underclothing in helping to reduce the itching and scratching associated with atopic eczema. It acts like a "climate control" system, creating optimal temperature and moisture control on the skin and preventing irritation. An antimicrobial finish also helps to reduce the possibilities of secondary infection.

DermaSilk should be worn 24/7 for best effect. While it is not a replacement for wet wrapping there is emerging evidence suggesting that children prescribed DermaSilk do not progress to developing the level of eczema that requires wet wrapping.

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